We are an agency, specialising in ascent currents, and sports marketing professionals.

Envol’ is a new brand driver.

Our main skill : to give height to the brands releasing all their potential, in a perennial way. From the conception of the strategy to its execution in the smallest detail, envol’ maintains the course of the brand towards its destination.

The experience of our team and the network of contacts established over the last decade gives us the confidence to define a work plan specific to each project, managing each action with the key players in the market.

Quality is more important to us than quantity. From envol’, we look for an unprecedented proximity with the client. The integration of our services in the daily dynamics of the client is essential to monitor our actions, maximize the visibility of the brand towards its target audience, and create values.

We understand YOUR target audience because WE are your target audience.

We take off.

envoi m. Envío. || _ DR. Envoi en possession, entrega de la posesión. || – SPORTS. Coup d’envoi, saque de centro. | Donner le coup d’envoi, hacer el saque.

envolier v. tr. Velar.

-V. pr. TECHN. Encorvarse, doblarse.

envol m. Vuelo (d’un oiseau).  || Despegue (avion).

envolée f. Elevación, grandeza (esperit).

envoler (s’) v, pr. Levantar ou tomar el vuelo, echar a volar (prendre son vol). || Despegar (avion). || Volar, volarse: les papiers se sont envolés, los papeles volaron. || Irse, transcurrir (temps), || FIG. figurarse, escaparse (s’enfuir). | Pasar, rápidamente, volar, desvanecerse (passer rapidement). || FAM. L’oiseau s’est envolé, el pájaro voló.