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Training Camp

El domingo Ragna Debats y Pere Aurell Bove se enfrentaran a la Skyrace Comapedrosa. Después del Training Camp y de una gran preparación física y mental, están a punto para darlo todo. ¡Muchos ánimos y fuerzas! #SkyRaceComapedrosa #Merrell #Merrellspain #Merrellambassadors

Publicada por Merrell en Viernes, 27 de julio de 2018

Ragna i Pere World Champions

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Through two athletes of the highest level, Pere i Ragna, world champions of trail running 2018, couple and friends above all, we could follow the preparation and races of the world championship, as well as the feelings lived throughout the season to celebrate with them the success.

We brought the athletes closer to their fans through talks, advice and the experience of being able to train with them and share the knowledge that all the team behind these champions could tell us. Nutrition, psychology, physiotherapy, training, determination and PASSION are their keys to success.

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