Project Description

Ragna Debats Special Marathon des Sables Follow Up

Social Media / PR / Photography / Ambassador

Ragna Debats, Trail Running World Champion 2018, takes competition and the World Cup apart, for a moment, to live an adventure, to do what she is passionate about, to run, to experience, to know…, now in the 34th MARATHON DES SABLES.

The Marathon Des Sables is not just a race, it’s a challenge. It consists of 6 stages in self-sufficiency (they have to take with them everything they need except the water, which is provided by the organization) through the desert of between 35 and 80 km each. We do not pretend to explain Ragna’s race, we would like to share with the audience how she is happy doing what she likes, and is able to train and prepare for a great challenge because she enjoys doing it. This message inspires any person to chase his dreams and, in Ragna’s case, Merrell makes it possible. To encourage others, she wants to explain her feelings throughout MDS; during the previous period through a video Blog and with a special photo shooting follow up over the race.

  • Daily Video Blog (Pre)
  • Daily Video Blog during MDS
  • Photographic tracking of Ragna from the Barcelona Airport, through each MDS stage, to the finish line
  • Daily press release during MDS