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Merrell Festival

Siempre es bueno recordar momentos únicos, y por eso os compartimos el vídeo del Merrell Festival. Experiencias, aventuras, amistad y una gran familia. ¿Nos lo pasamos bien, verdad?#MerrellFestival #MerrellSpain #Merrell

Publicada por Merrell en Domingo, 17 de junio de 2018

Merrell Festival

Brand awaraness / Ambassadors / Brand Content / Production / On line Campaign / Community Management / Results Monitoring

Create a day for the followers of the brand. Invite them to get to know the new product initiatives, test them and live an experience with the brand managers and ambassadors, being able to practice their favourite sport with them.

The environment, the selected routes and the company were the driving forces behind the campaign that ended with a rock music concert.

  • Mountain festival to present a new product.
  • Call for press and followers of the brand.
  • Different itineraries, ambassadors and a final concert in a spectacular mountain setting were the ingredients of the launch of the new product.