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compex box challenge


¡Por fin está aquí el video oficial del COMPEX BOX CHALLENGE 2018 y vosotros sois los grandes protagonistas😀!!! Los momentos increíbles que vivimos durante la competición, ya siempre estarán con nosotros😀The official video of the COMPEX BOX CHALLENGE 2018 is finally here and you are the main protagonists😀!!! The incredible moments that we lived during the competition, will always are with us😀📽 by @m_s_visuals 🎵 Music by: @enzocftCompex España Reebok XENIOS USA CrossFit La Forja#compexboxchallenge#compex#Xeniosusa#beatyourbest#BeMoreHuman

Publicada por Compex Box Challenge en Domingo, 28 de octubre de 2018

Compex Box Challenge

Event /Brand awareness / Built Community / Community Menagment / PR / Sponsoring / Design / Web

Compex Box Challenge is a crossfit competition in Spain. Teams representing national and international boxes presented themselves to a qualifying phase that determined the 100 best teams that finally reached the grand final: 3 days of competition with the best athletes in the discipline and parallel activities related to this sport waited for all the qualified athletes to be able to compete for the important prizes of the competition.

  • Organization of the event
  • Sponsoring Management
  • Community Management
  • Web Design
  • Specialized press management