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Project Description


Event management / Sponsoring / Community Management / Producción

Cerdanya Mountain Adventure is a weekend of activity, mountains and fun with the beautiful village of Bellver de Cerdanya as the epicentre of the event.

Participants had an extensive schedule in which they could try more than thirty guided outdoor activities (trail, climbing, mountain biking, gravel, etc.). Each activity was sponsored by one of the brands that were present at the event’s participant’s fair, allowing participants to try their products in order to take part in the activity. In this way, the participants, even if they didn’t have a bike, shoes or even a backpack! They had the opportunity to try it out during the activity in which they participated.

By creating this event, we brought the brands (Trekk, Decathlon, Altra, Tenaya, etc.) closer to their potential public.

Web: https://www.cerdanyamountainadventure.com/

  • Event management and creation
  • Branded Content for Social Media
  • Digital strategy and management for PR
  • PR campaign
  • Management of ambassadors